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Stephen Sestanovich in The Atlantic

Stephen Sestanovich had a new article in The Atlantic titled, “The Humbling of Henry Kissinger.” In the piece, Sestanovich illustrates that Kissinger’s tenure as secretary of state was often rocky, and as full of setbacks as acclaim. You can read it online here. 

Thomas Christensen in Foreign Affairs

On November 30, Thomas Christensen had a new co-authored article in Foreign Affairs titled, “Taiwan and the True Sources of Deterrence: Why America Must Reassure, Not Just Threaten, China.” You can read it online here or find it attached below. 

Alexander Cooley in conversation with Alexander Stubb at Athens Security Forum

On November 30, Alexander Cooley interviewed Alexander Stubb, Former Prime Minister of Finland, at the Athens Security Forum. In the conversation, titled “Order in a world of disorder,” the two discussed the importance of the Ukraine War to the Global South, Finland in NATO, and related current events. You can watch the recording here. 

Séverine Autesserre on Les Matins Ephémères radio show

On November 29, Séverine Autesserre was interviewed for the show Les Matins Ephémères on theCanadian radio CKRL (the “first community radio in Quebec”). The interview lasted 20-30 minutes and focused entirely on her latest book, Sur les fronts de la paix (The Frontlines of Peace). You can listen here (please note that the program is entirely in French and that Séverine’s interview starts approximately […]

Cynthia Roberts in conversation with Kai Bird at Roosevelt House

On November 28, the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College hosted Cynthia Roberts for a conversation with Kai Bird, co-author of American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Roberts and Bird discuss the extraordinary renaissance of interest in the book following the popular success of the film adaptation (Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer), as well as the […]

Tenzin Dorjee in Foreign Affairs

This morning (Nov 28), Tenzin Dorjee published a new co-authored article in Foreign Affairs titled, “Erasing Tibet: Chinese Boarding Schools and the Indoctrination of a Generation.” You can read it here.

Jack Snyder in Security Studies

Jack Snyder has a new article in the special issue of Security Studies on race and security. The full citation is: Jack Snyder, “How Central Is Race to International Relations?” Security Studies vol. 32, no. 4-5 (2023): 892-906, special issue on “Race and Security.” You can read the article online here.

Stuart Gottlieb in The New York Times

Stuart Gottlieb has a letter to the editor today in The New York Times. In his letter, Gottlieb responds to a recent column titled “Big Bombs in Urban Areas Raise Civilian Toll in Gaza.” You can read the letter online here, or find it attached below. 

Page Fortna in LA Times

On November 26, Saltzman Institute Director Page Fortna had an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times titled, “Opinion: In Gaza conflict, words like ‘terrorism’ and ‘genocide’ are potent weapons. Definitions matter.” You can read it here.