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Séverine Autesserre in La Presse

On November 21, Séverine Autesserre was interviewed in La Presse, the leading French-language newspaper in Canada. The interview is titled “Ne désespérons pas, la paix demeure possible” (“Let us not despair, peace remains possible”), and discusses the prospect for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You can read the article online in French here.

Kimberly Marten in the Russian Analytical Digest

On October 18, Kimberly Marten was published in the Russian Analytical Digest, an online policy-relevant journal produced by a partner network of European institutions. Titled, “Russian Foreign Paramilitary Outfits beyond Wagner,” the piece considers several Russian paramilitary groups that might be alternative hosts for former Wagnerites and their associated commercial and force based activities. You can read […]

Jason Healey in ASPI’s The Strategist

On October 18, Jason Healey had a new article in The Strategist, the commentary and analysis site of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Titled, “The impact of artificial intelligence on cyber offence and defence,” the piece uses two existing frameworks (the NIST CSF and Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Kill Chain) to map the advantages that AI poses for both offense […]

Rajan Menon in The Guardian

Rajan Menon has a new article in The Guardian this morning. Titled, “Killing civilians is indefensible, whether done by Hamas or Israel,” the piece stresses that, under international law, combatants have a duty to limit harm to civilians. You can read it here. 

Rajan Menon in the Boston Review

Rajan Menon has a new article today in the Boston Review. Titled, “Beyond Moral Condemnation,” the piece provides some historical and political context for the recent Hamas attack on Israel and its aftermath. You can read it here. 

Stuart Gottlieb in the New York Times

Stuart Gottlieb has a letter to the editor in today’s New York Times under the headline “A Clash of Views Over the Israel-Hamas War.” In his letter, Gottlieb responds to a recent column titled “The Yom Kippur War Led to Peace. This One Can, Too.” You can read the letter here, or find it attached below if you […]

Kimberly Marten in IISS journal Survival

On September 29, Kimberly Marten had an article on the Wagner Group e-published in Survival, the policy journal of London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies. Titled “Whither Wagner? The Consequences of Prigozhin’s Mutiny and Demise,” the article addresses the uncertainty of how Russia will manage paramilitary organizations going forward. Here is the full citation: Kimberly Marten, “Whither Wagner? […]

Erica Lonergan in War on the Rocks

On September 25, Erica Lonergan had a new article in War on the Rocks titled, “Welcome to Cyber Realism: Parsing the 2023 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy.” You can read it here. 

Michael Doyle Interviewed in Bloomberg on New Book

On September 23, Michael Doyle was featured in Bloomberg discussing his new book, Cold Peace. The interview, titled “The US and China Can Achieve a Cold Peace,” takes the geopolitical temperature of relations between the US, China, and Russia, and offers some key insights on how to prevent a new Cold War. You can read or listen to the […]