The latest new initiative at the Institute is the Politics and Global Economy (PaGE) Lab. the The PaGE Lab will be a research hub of the Saltzman Institute dedicated to the study of International Political Economy (IPE). Given that economic tools are increasingly becoming weaponized, scholarship in this dynamic field of study could not be more relevant to the mission of the Saltzman Institute nor could it be more timely. 

Spearheaded by our IPE expert and a senior member of the institute, Professor Allison Carnegie, this project-based group will involve graduate and undergraduate students in exciting and cutting-edge research on topics relating to globalization and international cooperation. This research will be done in partnership with private and public organizations in order to produce impactful policy-relevant work. The first two inaugural projects of the PaGE Lab are already underway (1) Populist Perceptions of Global Governance: The Effects of International Organizations’ Populist Communications; and (2) Climate Politics in the Global South. This is just the beginning.

The Saltzman Institute prides itself in being an intellectual home for students interested in security studies, and the addition of the PaGE Lab will be a new hub where students interested in political economy can find their place. Working closely with prominent IPE scholars, students will receive close mentorship and get a true sense of what it would be like to do high-level research while learning new skills. In particular, the program will work with students to sharpen their quantitative skills and cultivate their ability to comfortably work with data.

In addition to the PaGE Lab’s research focus, it will also host panels and events to engage with the wider Columbia community. This engagement will greatly enrich the learning experience at Columbia, shedding light on relevant international issues and bringing in outside experts to speak with students. 

We forward to working with Dr. Carnegie on this exciting new project, and congratulate her for leading this important initiative that will enrich our entire community. An inaugural conference is being planned for Fall 2022. We invite you to join our mailing list to keep up to date on new developments.