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Rajan Menon on MSNBC

Rajan Menon had an opinion piece published on MSNBC titled “The U.S. has to respond to the attack in Jordan. But it shouldn’t attack Iran.” You can read it here. 

Thomas Christensen in World Politics

Thomas Christensen had an article in the 75th anniversary issue of World Politics. Titled, “Mutually Assured Disruption: Globalization, Security, and the Dangers of Decoupling,” the article focuses on the national security benefits of US-China economic engagement and the regional economic integration of East Asia. You can read the article online here.

Stephen Biddle in Foreign Affairs

Stephen Biddle’s published an essay on the Ukraine War in Foreign Affairs. Titled “How Russia Stopped Ukraine’s Momentum: A Deep Defense is Hard to Beat,” it argues that for now, the best explanation for the failure of Ukraine’s summer offensive is Russia’s adoption of an orthodox defense-in-depth of the kind that has historically been very hard for […]