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Kimberly Marten on Network 20/20 panel discussing Russia’s presidential election

On March 20, Kimberly Marten participated in an online briefing hosted by Network 2020, a global educational organization based in New York that brings policy experts together to discuss current events with a network of professionals. Marten and her co-panelist Kathryn Stoner discussed Russia’s presidential elections, as well as what the trendlines seem to be for […]

Garrett Hinck in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

On March 14, Garrett Hinck, Columbia Political Science Ph.D. candidate and Saltzman Institute SWAMOS Coordinator, had an article published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists titled, “Why North Korea’s new spy satellite could actually be a good thing.” You can read it online here. 

Page Fortna in Haaretz

On March 10, Saltzman Institute Director Page Fortna had an opinion piece published in Haaretz titled, “Israel Has Fallen Into Hamas’ Trap. But There’s a Way Out.” You can read it online here.

Gideon Rose in The National Interest

On March 5, Gideon Rose had an article published in The National Interest titled, “Isolationism 2.0: Donald Trump and the Future of the Liberal Order.” You can read it online here. 

Alexander Cooley in Political Science Quarterly

On February 28, Alexander Cooley had an article published in Political Science Quarterly titled, “The Uprisings of Gaza: How Geopolitical Crises Have Reshaped Academic Communities from Tahrir to Kyiv.” You can read it online here.

Gesine Weber in World Politics Review

On February 27, Saltzman Institute Visiting Scholar Gesine Weber had an article published in World Politics Review titled, “Europe Can No Longer Afford Not to Defend Itself.” You can read it online here. 

Rajan Menon in UnHerd Magazine

On February 23, Rajan Menon had an essay published in UnHerd magazine titled, “Why Russia isn’t winning in Ukraine.” You can read it online here. 

Jack Snyder in Oxford Handbook of Illiberalism

On February 22, Jack Snyder and co-author Hadas Aron had a chapter published in the Oxford Handbook of Illiberalism. The full citation is: Hadas Aron and Jack Snyder, ‘The International Politics of Illiberalism,’ in Marlene Laruelle (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Illiberalism (online edn, Oxford Academic, 20 Nov. 2023). You can read the chapter online here.

Rafael Mesquita in The Review of International Organizations

Saltzman Institute Visiting Scholar Rafael Mesquita had an article published in The Review of International Organizations titled, “The only living guerrillero in New York: Cuba and the brokerage power of a resilient revisionist state.” His article is part of a special issue on “The Power of the Weak,” which will gather articles that examine how small actors yield […]