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Kim Marten published by Center for a New American Security

Kim Marten had an article published by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) think tank. Marten and her co-authors (Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Carisa Nietsche, Nicholas Lokker, and Kristen Taylor) argue that even after the Wagner Group’s demise, Russia has incentives to use similar groups in its own Eurasian neighborhood to exert influence and create instability–and […]

Anne Nelson in the Washington Monthly

Anne Nelson had a new piece in the Washington Monthly reviewing Bruce Hoffman and Jacob Ware’s recent book God, Guns, and Sedition: Far-Right Terrorism in America. Her review is titled “The Sick Man of North America” and is available online here. 

Elizabeth Saunders Quoted in The New York Times

Elizabeth Saunders was quoted in The Interpreter, the twice-weekly newsletter from columnist Amanda Taub at The New York Times. The January 12th newsletter is titled, “It’s a monster election year. Don’t let the horse race distract you,” and is available online here.

Tamar Mitts receives APSA’s Best Paper Award

Tamar Mitts has received the American Political Science Association’s Best Paper Award in the Conflict Processes Section for her paper, “Information Operations, Territorial Control, and Perceptions of Power During Conflict” (co-authored with Asfandyar Mir and Austin Wright). You can find a PDF of the paper here.  This award is given annually to the best paper written […]

Thomas Christensen on China Power podcast

Thomas Christensen was interviewed on the ChinaPower podcast, in a joint and crossover episode between the CSIS ChinaPower podcast and the German Marshall Fund’s China Global podcast. In the episode, Christensen discusses his recent Foreign Affairs article, “Taiwan and the True Sources of Deterrence,” alongside co-authors Bonnie Glaser and Jessica Chen Weiss. You can listen to the episode here. 

Séverine Autesserre interviewed on France Culture radio

Séverine Autesserre was interviewed on France Culture (the French equivalent of NPR), discussing the current conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her interview focused on “the mystery of peace in Idjwi island” – one of the case studies she develops in her latest book, The Frontlines of Peace (Sur les fronts de la paix). You can listen here (please […]