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Séverine Autesserre on Leonard Lopate at Large

Séverine Autesserre was featured on the one-hour radio show, WBAI’s Leonard Lopate at Large, where they talked extensively about her new book, The Frontlines of Peace—and about the broader topics of war, peace, peacebuilding, and international intervention. The show was recorded live, and you can listen here. It is also available as a podcast on all the major platforms. 

Thomas Christensen in Foreign Affairs

On March 24, 2021, Thomas Christensen had a new article in Foreign Affairs entitled, “There Will Not Be a New Cold War: The Limits of U.S.-Chinese Competition.” The article was originally prepared for the Library of Congress in August 2019.  A longer version entitled “No New Cold War: Why U.S.-Strategic Competition will not be like the U.S.-Soviet […]

Sarah Daly on Stories from the Field Podcast

On March 16, 2021, Sarah Daly was featured on “Stories from the Field,” a podcast based on the edited volume, Stories from the Field: A Guide to Navigating Fieldwork in Political  Science, discussing field research health and safety, both locally and in foreign locations. You can listen here.

Richard Betts’ Military Readiness Cited in War on the Rocks

Richard Betts’ 1995 book, Military Readiness: Concepts, Choices, Consequences, was extensively cited in War on the Rocks (3/15/21) by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Commandant of the Marine Corps, who argued that the “current readiness model strongly biases spending on legacy capabilities for yesterday’s missions, at the expense of building readiness in the arena of […]