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Kimberly Marten on CNN Newsroom

On August 28, Kimberly Marten was interviewed on CNN Newsroom With Laila Harrak, discussing the implications of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s death and the future of the Wagner Group. You can watch the recording Here. 

Kimberly Marten SIPA Faculty Spotlight

On August 25, Marten was interviewed by SIPA’s Senior Editorial Director Lionel Beehner for SIPA’s Faculty Spotlight series, speaking again about the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin. You can read it Here. 

Anne Nelson on “Future Hindsight” podcast with Mila Atmos

On August 24, Anne Nelson was featured on Future Hindsight, the award-winning podcast by SIPA grad Mila Atmos which focuses on increasing civic engagement. Titled, “The Right’s Parallel Universe: Anne Nelson,” the episode discusses the coordination between fundamentalist organizations and oil barons to win elections and pass socially conservative public policies, as well as the unidirectional […]

Rajan Menon in Substack on Ukraine’s War at Year 1.5

On August 23, Rajan Menon published a new piece to his Substack. Titled “Ukraine’s war at year 1.5: Its evolution and likely trajectory,” this piece takes stock of how the war has evolved, where it stands and seems to be headed, and what the prospects are for ending it. You can read it Here.