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Erica Lonergan Podcast on DoD Cyber Policy

Erica Lonergan is featured on a podcast with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy on DoD cyber policy. Titled, “Securing the Cyber Domain: Exploring Cyber Policy in the Department of Defense,” and produced by the Irregular Warfare Initiative at West Point, you can listen Here.

Gideon Rose in Foreign Affairs

Gideon Rose has a new piece in Foreign Affairs online. Titled, “Ukraine’s Winnable War: Why the West Should Help Kyiv Retake All Its Territory,” you can read it Here.

Stuart Gottlieb in New Edited Volume

Stuart Gottlieb has a chapter titled, “The Evolution of Modern Terrorism”  in a new volume being published this summer:  M. Abrahms (ed.), The Routledge Companion to Terrorism Studies: New Perspectives and Topics (London: Routledge, 2023).

Rajan Menon in Substack on His Recent Visit to Ukraine

Rajan Menon recently returned from his third trip to wartime Ukraine, which included a visit to places very near the eastern front in Donbas.  He filed three dispatches that cover aspects of the trip and they appear on his Substack. You can read them here, here, and here.

Séverine Autesserre on RTS & in Var Matin

Now that Séverine Autesserre’s book The Frontlines of Peace has been released in French, there is renewed interest from the media:  RTS, the Radio Television Suisse (Switzerland’s main French-language radio channel) broadcasted a 10-minute interview focused on her latest book (Sur les fronts de la paix, the French-language version of The frontlines of Peace). You can listen to […]