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Anne Nelson in the Wall Street Journal

Anne Nelson has a new piece in the August 12 print edition of the Wall Street Journal. Titled, “Edith Wharton Goes to War,” her essay reveals that the famed novelist of the Gilded Age was also a pioneering female war correspondent reporting from the front lines of World War I. You can read it Here.

Stephen Biddle in Foreign Affairs Print and Online

Foreign Affairs just posted the online version of a new article by Stephen Biddle on Ukraine that will appear in the September/October print issue. You can read it Here. Titled, “Back in the Trenches: Why New Technology Hasn’t Revolutionized Warfare in Ukraine,” It argues that while the tools of war are often very new in Ukraine, […]

Rajan Menon in The Guardian

Rajan Menon has an opinion piece in the August 8 edition of The Guardian, discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and why after 18 months peace seems no closer. You can read it Here.

Rajan Menon in Foreign Affairs

Rajan Menon has an opinion piece in the August 7 edition of Foreign Affairs online. Titled, “An Enduring Coalition to Protect Ukraine: How to Keep the Country Safe Without NATO Membership,” You can read it Here.

Severine Autesserre Interviewed in Le Soir (Belgium)

On July 30 Le Soir (the leading Belgian daily newspaper)  published a full-page interview with Severine Autesserre focusing on the French-language version of her latest book, Sur les fronts de la paix / The Frontlines of Peace. The online version of the article is available Here.