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Healey in the Christian Science Monitor: Cyber-espionage Deal a Win-Win (If We’re Smart About It)

Professor Jason Healey, a Senior Research Scholar specializing in the political dimensions of cyber space, has written an opinion piece for the Passcode section of the Christian Science Monitor. In “Even if flawed, cybertheft deal with China is win for Obama,” Healey argues that critics of the recent China-US deal against commercial cyberespionage have overlooked […]

Stuart Gottlieb in The National Interest: Navigating the Post-Obama World

    JUNE 10, 2018   The big question now is: will the Trump presidency be a bridge toward a more positive or negative recalibration of America’s role in the world?   What if there was a major Palestinian uprising and nobody came? In the seventy years since the founding of the state of Israel, […]

Jason Healey in RSA Conference Podcast Episode: Securing Government and National Infrastructure

On May 11th, 2018, Saltzman senior research scholar Jason Healey was a guest on an episode of the RSA Conference podcast entitled ‘Securing Government and National Infrastructure.’ Topics addressed in this episode included: •What does today’s threat landscape look like and how can we address its many challenges? •Have there been changes in breakout time […]

Page Fortna quoted in Slate

Institute member Page Fortna was quoted this week in a Slate article regarding the recent American airstrikes on Syria. The full article can be found here.