From left to right: Richard Betts, Richard Nephew, Gary Sick, Robert Jervis, Stuart Gottlieb, and Danielle Pletka.

On September 10, the Saltzman Institute hosted its eleventh Saltzman Forum, titled “The Iran Agreement: Good Deal, Bad Deal, or No Deal?” The event is now available for viewing online.

The panel discussion featured the Institute’s own Richard Betts, Stuart Gottlieb, Robert Jervis, and Gary Sick; Richard Nephew, program director at SIPA’s Center on Global Energy Policy, and Danielle Pletka, the senior vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, joined these panelists for a spirited discussion about the pros, cons, ins and outs of the Iran deal. Following their presentations, the panelists fielded questions from students and community members.

Watch the event here.