On Friday, December 28, SIWPS Director Richard Betts was interviewed for WNYC on the Brian Lehrer Show about his latest book, American Force: Dangers, Delusions and Dilemmas in National Security. The interview dealt with his view of the Iraq War – its justification and its outcome – as well as the position of the US on the world stage and its ability to effect change in the international system.

In the interview, Dr. Betts discussed the possibility of a “liberal empire” – a world whose rules are based on American values and enforced through American military action – and explained the importance of “soft primacy and burden sharing,” or the use of allies and influence rather than unilateral action, in future and present US foreign policy.

Dr. Betts also took question from WNYC listeners related to, among other topics, the role of oil and the military-industrial complex in decisions to use American military force.

The interview is available at the WNYC website.

A review of Dr. Betts’s latest book is available on the CUP blog.