The Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University hosted a workshop on the “Hidden (and not so Hidden) Dynamics of Cyber Conflict,” the kickoff event as part of the work of Professor Bob Jervis and Jason Healey of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. The workshop, on 18 August, brought together researchers, fellows, and affiliates of CISAC to hear Healey present the the research questions of this project and discuss the initial findings. Jervis and Healey, of SIPA’s Saltzman School of War and Peace Studies, have just started a three-year project funded by the Minerva Research Initiative of the US Department of Defense, focusing on how cyber conflict differs from conflict in the land, sea, air and space, and how the dynamics may differ at the tactical and technical level, compared to the operational and strategic levels. Please keep an eye on the website of the Initiative on the Future of Cyber Risk at the Saltzman Institute for more on this project as it unfolds. You can read more about CISAC’s cyber programs here.