The Saltzman Forums are annual events held in honor of Mr. Arnold A. Saltzman, who passed away on January 2, 2014. Each year, one or several Forums are held, each focused on one issue or region of global importance, and examining its political and security implications.

Mr. Saltzman served five American presidents in a wide range of policy-level diplomatic and economic assignments; he received a Presidential Commendation for his efforts on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Mr. Saltzman carried out diplomatic assignments in former Czechoslovakia, the former Soviet Union, South America, Central America, and Austria. He served the government in the Office of Price Stabilization, Procurement Policy Board, Office of Economic Opportunity, and Agency for International Development, and he was the Chairman of the Federal Blue Ribbon Commission on National Growth and Development. Mr. Saltzman was also Advisor to the New York State Congressional Delegation in Washington and Chairman of the Speakers Committee of the Assembly in Albany, New York. Mr. Saltzman was Chairman of Windsor Production Corporation, retired CEO of Vista Resources, and a director in a number of charitable organizations. Among numerous non-profit activities, he served as President of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, Chairman of the Columbia College Board of Overseers and Columbia College Fund, and a member of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs Board of Advisors. Mr. Saltzman is a graduate of Columbia College, has received the Columbia University Medal, and holds honorary doctorates from Hofstra and Adelphi Universities. He also received the Order of Honor, the Republic of Georgia’s most prestigious decoration.

Twelfth Annual Saltzman Forum
April 12, 2019 — “China, Russia, and Security in Asia”
Panel I: “Russia’s Tilt to China: Is the Bear Hug Real?”
Featuring Eugene Rumer, Cynthia Roberts, and Peter Clement
Moderated by Thomas Christensen
Panel II: “The Rise of China and Security Challenges in Asia”
Featuring Thomas Christensen, Oriana Mastro, and Andrew Nathan

Eleventh Annual Saltzman Forum
September 10, 2015 — “The Iran Agreement: Good Deal, Bad Deal, or No Deal?”
Featuring Richard Betts, Stuart Gottlieb, Robert Jervis, Richard Nephew, Danielle Pletka, and Gary Sick

Tenth Annual Saltzman Forum
February 7, 2014 — “The New Global Landscape”
Featuring Jan Eliasson
Moderated by Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Ninth Annual Saltzman Forum
May 1, 2013 — “The Role of Diplomacy in a Changing World”
Featuring Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering
Moderated by Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Eighth Annual Saltzman Forum
April 13, 2012 — “Endgame: Afghanistan”
Featuring Ahmed Rashid and Tom Gregg
Moderated by Professor Scott Smitth

Seventh Annual Saltzman Forum
April 7, 2011 — “Iran: A Strategic Assessment”
Featuring Karim Sadjadpour, Dr. Gary Sick, Amb. Gérard Araud, İsmail Çobanoğlu, Dr. Austin Long, and Dr. Giandomenico Picco
Moderated by Professor Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Sixth Annual Saltzman Forum
December 3, 2010 — “Afghanistan: Prospects for Peace”
Featuring Dr. Richard Betts, Amb. Zalmay Khalilzad, Dr. Jean-Marie Guéhenno, Col. Randy George, Dr. Austin Long, Dr. Abraham Wagner, Dr. Hassan Abbas, Dr. Christine Fair, Joshua Foust, Michael Semple, Dante Paradiso, Dr. Gille Dorronsoro, Michael Hanna, Dr. Clare Lockhart, and Dr. James Shinn

Fifth Annual Saltzman Forum
March 25, 2010 — “Enduring Conflict, Achieving Peace: Congo and Sudan”
Featuring Dr. Séverine Autesserre, Suliman Baldo, Tatiana Carayannis, Fabienne Hara, Nicholas Fink Haysom, Jason Stearns, and Dr. Herbert Weiss
Moderated by Professor Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Fourth Annual Saltzman Forum
April 23, 2009 — “The Obama Administration Faces Afghanistan”
Featuring Dr. Richard K. Betts, Dr. Stephen Biddle, Max Boot, Steve Coll, Dr. Sumit Ganguly, and Dr. Kimberly Marten
Moderated by Professors Tanisha Fazal and Jack Snyder

Third Annual Saltzman Forum
March 25, 2008 — “U.S. Foreign Policy: Beyond 2008”
Featuring National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski

Second Annual Saltzman Forum
March 23, 2007 — “Intelligence Reform in the Age of Terror: An Assessment”
Featuring Dr. Richard K. Betts, Dr. Robert L. Jervis, Dr. Mark M. Lowenthal, General William E. Odom

First Annual Saltzman Forum
October 28, 2005 — “Promoting Democracy: Opportunities and Challenges in a Complex World”
Featuring Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Dr. Sharyn O’Halloran, Dr. Robin Cleveland, Dr. Jesse Ribot, Gayle Smith, Dr. Richard Betts, Carl Gershman, Dr. Nikolas Gvosdev, Dr. Jack Snyder, Dr. Stephen Sestanovich, J. Scott Carpenter, Dr. Andrew Nathan, Dr. Georges Fauriol, Kenneth Roth, Kenneth Wollack
Moderated by President Lee Bollinger and Dean Lisa Anderson