The Twenty-Fourth and Twenty-Fifth sessions of the Summer Workshop on the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy (SWAMOS) will be held virtually in July and August 2021. (Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SWAMOS was not held in Summer 2020). 

Students selected for the program will receive instruction from experienced specialists from academic, political and military backgrounds. Twenty-two students will be selected to participate in each of the upcoming sessions.

The workshop is designed to expose young scholars to a body of knowledge that is seldom made available in conventional graduate programs, and encourage some of them to specialize in the field. SWAMOS seeks to nurture a critical mass of academics who can contribute to defense policy debates, preserve expertise in strategic studies outside of government, and promote the field within academia.

Workshop activities include advance and on-site readings, lectures, seminars, informal discussions, campaign planning simulations, formal military modeling, and film screenings. Participants are given roughly 850 pages of assigned reading to complete before arriving at the Workshop, and are assigned 25-50 pages of additional reading each night during the workshop to prepare for the next day’s session. Numerous social activities are scheduled to promote interaction and encourage professional friendships and network-building.

The workshop takes participants from the general to the specific, beginning with basic philosophical questions about the relationship between the conduct of war and the objectives of foreign policy. This is followed by sessions giving a comparative historical perspective on net assessment; the linkages among strategy, combat operations, and tactics; command and control of military capabilities and effectiveness; and logistics. The rest of the workshop is planned to emphasize analytical techniques for assessing force structures and defense programs. The workshop seeks to expose the participants to competing approaches, to establish a sense of the key debates and lines of development in the field, and to bridge the theoretical and policy sides of military analysis.

In 2002, an alumni list-serve was created to foster discussion on issues of common interest and to nurture the SWAMOS network. Through this list we also advertise job openings available in academia and in public policy institutions. SWAMOS alumni organize informal mixers during various political science conferences and conventions, and hold reunion meetings at the American Political Science Association (APSA) and the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conferences. SWAMOS alumni have also created informal online networks for collaboration on research projects and data collection projects.

The Twenty-Fourth annual SWAMOS will be held on July 12-24, 2021. This workshop is for applicants who were previously admitted to the cancelled Summer 2020 session, who do not need to re-apply. The Twenty-Fifth annual SWAMOS will be held on July 26-August 7, 2021Applications for the program are now closed. 

Click here to view a list of SWAMOS alumni.