As part of the SIPA Technology & Policy Initiative, Saltzman Institute Senior Research Scholar Jason Healey, alongside Matthew C. Waxman (Columbia Law School) and Steven M. Bellovin (Columbia Computer Science) are leading an interdisciplinary, inter-school program. The initiative aims to provide a better understanding of critical and emerging issues within the realm of cyber, in response to a world that is rapidly adopting digital technologies and incorporating them into areas of our society, economy, infrastructure, government, and military.

They seek to address a number of crucial issues, including the identification of future cyber risks, the characteristics of future Internet possibilities, the concept of state cyber power, the dynamics of cyber conflict at the tactical and strategic levels, the potential for public policy to mitigate these risks and achieve sustainable digital futures, and the application of business and systemic cyber risks to the financial sector.

The program tackles these issues through a variety of channels, notably through Columbia’s groundbreaking 2016 State of the Field for Cyber Conflict, which sought to combat state of the art deficiencies within the cyber domain, the creation of a SIPA Digital and Cyber Group, faculty and student symposiums, and extensive publications.