The School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University is the world leader in international security studies. We are at the forefront of regional security issues through our Saltzman, Weatherhead, and Harriman Institutes; and for decades our Faculty have been recognized global experts on nuclear security and the study of intelligence issues.

Cyber is now an indispensable aspect of this field of study. Recognizing this, SIPA has built a flagship cybersecurity program that aims to produce both top-class research as well as a pipeline of talented students equipped to contribute meaningfully to urgent cybersecurity dilemmas facing us today.

Having already made a major commitment to this field of study, we are energetically growing the program. To do so we have devised a multi-pronged strategy, according to which we have formed major partnerships. A Minerva grant through the Department of Defense allows us to carry out foundational research into cyber warfare dynamics. We have used grants from Nasdaq and the Carnegie Corporation to develop dozens of young scholars, building a talent pipeline for the future. And our recent partnership with JP Morgan Chase will help to deliver research and classes in financial cyber risk, which allows for greater partnership and collaboration with New York City’s teeming financial sector.

In addition, SIPA is committed to building a truly interdisciplinary cybersecurity program so that students have the right mix of technical, policy, and legal skills as they enter the workforce. To ensure that, this year debuted the first class taught jointly by professors from the Law School, Computer Science, and SIPA.

This is just a start. Beginning this year, students are able to take cybersecurity classes that cover subjects as wide as cyber conflict dynamics; cyber threat intelligence and analysis; cyber financial risk; online extremism; and countering misinformation. Next year the program promises to expand again.

SIPA is proud to cultivate a program notable for both its outstanding research and collaborations and for the exemplary students it produces; one to which leaders can turn to confidence to make decisions, and one in which the public can have trust.