The Saltzman Institute co-hosts a University Seminar on Defense and Security with a goal of advancing the understanding of global military issues through sustained analysis. The seminar focuses on the most urgent problems of our time; assesses strategies to resolve, mitigate, and meet these challenges; and initiates specific courses of action. Queries may be sent to

The 2020-21 University Seminar chair is Nancy Walbridge Collins, Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies

Kirill Buskirk, Rapporteur, School of International & Public Affairs

PAST SPEAKERS have included: Charles E. Berger; Max Boot; Steve Coll; Robert Connell; Randy George; Richard Haass; LeAnne Howard; Whitney Kassel; Dan Keyserling; Stanley McChrystal; William McRaven; William Joe Miller; Erica C. Nelson; Suzanne E. Nielsen; Eric Olson; Nicolle Wallace; Jeromy Williams; Daniel Yoo.

2020-2021 Academic Year

September 30, Ned Parker, Reuters

October 14, Jennifer Robards, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

October 28, Dan Keyserling, Alphabet

November 11, Joseph Helman, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

January 27, Hise Gibson, U.S. Military Academy

February 24, Michael O’Hara, U.S Naval War CollegeĀ 

March 10, Robert Bradford, U.S Army War College

April 7, Micah Zenko, McChrystal Group