Defense and Security Studies at Columbia University advances understanding of global security through research, analysis, and programs. For the past decade, DSS has led and convened conferences, workshops, and seminars on contemporary defense challenges. DSS plans and develops programs with consortium universities and research partners. DSS emphasizes interdisciplinary methods, integrating the security advancements of several fields, to include development, diplomacy, economics, history, law, management, and technology.

Dr. N. W. Collins serves as the DSS Chair, and Mr. Michael Irving serves as the DSS Rapporteur and Program Coordinator. Queries may be sent to

PAST SPEAKERS have included: Charles E. Berger, Max Boot, Robert Bradford, Steve Coll, Robert Connell, Randy George, Hise Gibson, Richard Haass, LeAnne Howard, Whitney Kassel, Dan Keyserling, Stanley McChrystal, William McRaven, William Joe Miller, Erica C. Nelson, Suzanne E. Nielsen, Eric Olson, Ned Parker, Jennifer Robards, Nicolle Wallace, Jeromy Williams, Daniel Yoo, and Micah Zenko.