The Columbia Defense and Security Program (CDSP) advances understanding of global military issues through sustained analysis. The program hosts a seminar series, which addresses the most urgent problems of our time; assesses strategies to resolve, mitigate, and meet these challenges; and initiates specific courses of action. The seminar is co-sponsored by University Seminars and the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies. Queries may be sent to

Nancy Walbridge Collins, Chair & Research Scholar, Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies

Daniel White, Rapporteur, School of International & Public Affairs

CSDS meets on Wednesdays in 1302 International Affairs.

PAST SPEAKERS have included: Charles E. Berger; Max Boot; Steve Coll; Robert Connell; Randy George; Richard Haass; LeAnne Noelani Howard; Whitney Kassel; Dan Keyserling; Stanley McChrystal; William McRaven; William Joe Miller; Erica C. Nelson; Suzanne E. Nielsen; Eric Olson; Nicolle Wallace; Jeromy Williams; Daniel Yoo.


February 5

Henrik Werdelin


February 26

Brian Sittlow      

U.S. Navy

March 11

Michael Brooks

U.S. Marine Corps

April 1

Joseph Miller

Department of Defense

SEMINARS (Fall 2019)

September 25

Charles E. Berger

Federal Bureau of Investigations

October 9

Patrick J. Mahaney

National Center for Urban Operations

October 23

Whitney Kassel

Morgan Stanley

November 6

Liam Collins

West Point