Virpratap Vikram Singh is the Research and Program Coordinator for the Cyber Program at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. He supports Senior Research Scholar Jason Healey on research projects related to cyber risk, cyber conflict and the role of technology on society. He continues to support SIPA’s Technology and Policy Initiative. Vikram Singh serves as the Competition Director for the NYC Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge and has written several crisis scenarios for the global competition. Prior to SIPA, Vikram Singh has worked at the Atlantic Council and Gateway House. He holds a MIA from SIPA, and BA in Liberal Arts from the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts. Vikram Singh’s work has been published by NATO CCDCOE, Council on Foreign Relations, The Atlantic Council, ORF India, and the OODA Loop.

Principal Articles

Jason Healey and Virpratap Vikran Singh, “Situational Cyber Stability and the Future of Escalating Cyber Conflict,” in Piret Penik, ed., Cyberspace Strategic Outlook 2030 (CCDCOE Publications, 2022).

Other Articles, Testimony and Reports

Virpratap Vikram Singh, “Caught in the crossfire of cyber conflict,” Observer Research Foundation, 26 September 2022.
William Loomis, Virpratap Vikram Singh, Dr. Gary C. Kessler, Dr. Xavier Bellekens, “Raising the colors: Signaling for cooperation on maritime cybersecurity,” Atlantic Council, 4 October 2021.
Jason Healey and Virpratap Vikram Singh, “Using COVID-19 to Double Down on Cyber Norms,” Council on Foreign Relations: Net Politics, 21 May 2020.
Virpratap Vikram Singh, “A Perfect Storm forms as COVID-19 Meets Cyberspace,” OODALoop, 20 March 2020.