Mehmet Nesip Ogun is associate professor of security and terrorism studies and the Director of International Center for Security Studies in Cyprus. He has established International Center for Security Studies, ICSS, whose mission is to offer an extensive research on Security studies for students, analysts, policy makers, public in general and scholars that study on international security concerns of the 21st Century. ICSS focuses on terrorism, peace and conflict studies, civil-military relations, cybersecurity, strategic communication, military studies.

His doctoral dissertation examined terrorists’ use of the Internet. His research focused on the exploitation of Internet by terrorist organizations for their activities. In that regard, He has conducted interviews to explore solutions to overcome terrorist networks in terms of terrorist use of Internet. Terrorism in general, Internet, and propaganda terms were studied and some solutions were proposed. In addition, social network analysis was used to cover and identify the linkages of terrorist websites along with their contexts affiliated with terrorist purposes.

During his career, He has been fortunate enough to also serve as a lecturer at North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Training Centers. His eighteen years of professional experience as an officer have provided him with a broad view that is useful in assisting and mentoring students with projects and assignments. He has also contributed to NATO’s Afghanistan and Kosovo Mission. Concurrently, He has taught at several universities and institutions as an adjunct professor. In that role, He further developed teaching skills and an interest in teaching.

He was awarded a scholarship (40000 US Dollars) by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey to conduct a PhD research at Potomac Institute for Policy Studies,
International Center for Terrorism Studies with Prof. Yonah Alexander.

He was also awarded a grant from NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division a Euro 68,000 Euro grant to conduct a NATO advanced training course in Macedonia on Terrorists’ Use of Cyberspace.

He has edited the lecture presentations from that program in a book that was published by NATO IOS Press, Terrorist Use of Cyberspace and Cyber Terrorism: New Challenges and Responses Cyberspace.

He has organized and conducted a NATO Lessons Learned Workshop on NATO’s Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency Experience in Afghanistan in November 2014. He has edited the proceedings of the workshop and NATO has published it on October 2015.

His research interests cover international security, international relations, and terrorism in general. He is currently doing a research on foreign terrorist fighters and how ISIS is using social media to recruit new members. Since ISIS poses a real threat to the people of Iraq and Syria, and the broader Middle East, and there have been ongoing operations, to eradicate this threat is very important.