Jennifer Gennaro is the Cyber Fellow at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, supporting Senior Research Scholar Jason Healey on research and programming relating to cyber conflict and security. She also works with Dean Merit E. Janow by developing and supporting  SIPA’s Tech and Policy Initiative. In her capacity as Cyber Fellow, she organizes research-oriented events and workshops, as well as major conferences centered on convening academics and practitioners to establish SIPA as a global hub for cyber policy. Prior to her work at SIPA, Gennaro researched and compared state and local cyber policies as a Cyber Policy Consultant for Conceptual Cyber, LLC. She previously worked as an Analytics Intern with the Bureau of International Information Programs, Department of State, in which she researched bureau social media usage and existing policy and techniques to combat computational propaganda. Gennaro holds a MPA from SIPA, where she focused her research on smart city cybersecurity governance and disinformation. She also graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Sociology.