Charlotte Biocchi is a senior in the Sciences Po-Columbia Dual BA Program, majoring in Political Science. While she was in Sciences Po, she specialized in Latin American studies where she shaped her interests for postcolonialism and transitional justice and started volunteering in the prison. Charlie is interested in the prevention of violence through social justice, environmental justice, and criminal law. She interned at the French Ministry of Justice in a mission that aimed to counter the process of jihadist radicalization in prisons, as well as in the NYC public defense organization called Bronx Defenders, as a criminal investigator. On campus, Charlie works for Professor Eduardo Moncada as a research assistant, and is also a board member of Sunrise Columbia. Charlie is also involved in Sunrise at the scale of NYC. In the past, she participated in several political progressive campaigns and activist groups, both in the USA and in France. In her free time, Charlie enjoys dancing and surfing, a passion that led her to involve herself in the protection of the ocean and its marine ecosystems.