Celeste Abourjeili is a senior in the Columbia РSciences Po Paris dual degree program, studying political science and the Middle East. Celeste was a Communications Intern at Ford Motor Company (2023) and a Management Intern at Live Love Recycle in Lebanon (2022). She has written for Voice of Lebanon Radio’s online newspaper and previously co-hosted a podcast on inequality. Her research interests focus on treatment of refugees and underprivileged groups in developing countries. Celeste conducted interfaith research in Jordan as a Kraft Global Fellow in 2023 and volunteered with refugees on the Franco-Italian border and in Lebanon in 2022. She proposed policy solutions for refugee education in her Sciences Po thesis after witnessing the lack of educational infrastructure in Beirut. At Columbia, Celeste is a University Life Ambassador, copy editor for sustainability magazine Consilience Briefings, and organizer of Model United Nations conference CMUNCE. At Sciences Po, Celeste was Vice President of MEDMUN and founder/editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, The Menton Times. Celeste hopes to have a positive social impact in her future career. For fun, Celeste loves exploring the city, cooking with friends, biking, and traveling.