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Professor Inbar will present the attrition strategy adopted by Israel’s government toward Hamas in Gaza. The strategic consequences of the recent military encounter will be analyzed and an assessment of Israel’s military performance will be offered. Finally, the talk will address the domestic political implications of the Gaza campaign.

Efraim Inbar is a Professor in Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University and the Director of its Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies. He was educated at the Hebrew University (B.A. in Political Science and English Literature) and at the University of Chicago (M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science). He served as visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University (2004), at Georgetown University (1991-92), and visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (1996). Prof. Inbar was appointed as a Manfred Warner NATO Fellow (1998), was a visiting fellow at the (London) International Institute for Strategic Studies (2000), and was the recipient of the Onassis Fellowship (2003). He also served as President of the Israeli Association for International Studies. He lectured at institutions such as RAND, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Oxford, and Yale Universities.

His area of specialization is Middle Eastern strategic issues with a special interest in the politics and strategy of Israeli national security. He has written over 90 articles in professional journals and edited volumes. He has authored five books: Outcast Countries in the World Community (1985), War and Peace in Israeli Politics. Labor Party Positions on National Security (1991), Rabin and Israel’s National Security (1999), The Israeli-Turkish Entente (2001), and Israel’s National Security: Issues and Challenges since the Yom Kippur War (2008). He has also edited twelve collections of scholarly articles.

Prof. Inbar served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) as a paratrooper. He was a member of the Political Strategic Committee of the National Planning Council, the Chair of the Committee for the National Security Curriculum at the Ministry of Education, and served on the Academic Committee of the History Department of the IDF Prof. Inbar is widely quoted in the Israeli and international press.