Col. Campbell will discuss how technology has evolved to revolutionize the tactical level of combat. Individual operators and infantry have access to advanced systems that have continuously been improved. More resilient communications systems, improvements in night vision, laser technology, as well as advances in amphibious operations technology are affecting the way we envision future conflicts.


Col. Scott D. Campbell most recently commanded the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit composed of twenty-four hundred marines and sailors, and included thirty-one fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, which recently completed an eight-month deployment to the CENTCOM area of operations. Colonel Campbell also commanded 2d Force Reconnaissance Company and 2d Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company as well as a joint task force in the Republic of Georgia. His previous tours include a tour in the special operations community, division lead for counterterrorism operations at AFRICOM, executive officer for both 2d Reconnaissance Battalion and 2d Battalion 6th Marines, and command of both a reconnaissance company and light armor infantry company. He has completed multiple combat deployments and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and the Naval War College.