Behind the current overwhelming scene of radicalism and terrorism in the Middle East lies an old struggle between two competing ideologies: the first championed by reformers, who believe in the notion of modern nation state. The second sponsored by radicals, who call themselves awakeners, and believe in the establishment of the theological state. This lecture sheds the light on the contemporary manifestation of this struggle and the way forward. 

Ambassador Ahmed Farouk is a career diplomat with a total of 32 years of diplomatic experience in service with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was former Ambassador to Slovinia and deputy head-of-mission to Japan. He was also former deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for inspection and former director of international legal affairs and international treaties department at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry. Amb. Farouk was former Chairman of the U.N. Working Group 4 to Countering Piracy off the coast of Somalia. He was engaged in various meetings on counter-terrorism and the Middle East peace process. He was also a speaker and panelist on issues of radicalism and terrorism in various institutions in New York and Europe.

Introductions by Dr. Mona El-Kouedi, Visiting Scholar, SIWPS

Moderated by Stuart Gottlieb, Professor, SIPA; Member SIWPS