The conference will be dedicated to discussing the role of the private sector in statebuilding in the context of a UN peacekeeping operation (MINUSTAH) in Haiti.

Under the direction of the head of the UN Studies Program, Professor Elisabeth Lindenmayer, a team of six graduate students have been engaged in a research project studying statebuilding and the private sector in Haiti. At the time of the earthquake, the team was in Haiti conducting stakeholder interviews.  While the earthquake exacted a terrible toll in human suffering and physical damage across the country, the team has concluded that as Haiti moves through reconstruction and into development, the private sector will continue to play an important supportive role in Haitian statebuilding.  In this conference, the team will briefly present the results of their research, followed by the panel discussion. We hope that the panel will serve as a basis of discussion in understanding the opportunities for the private sector to contribute to statebuilding. We see Haiti not as a lost cause, but as a vibrant country with significant potential.
Objectives of the Panel:
– Understand the progress that Haiti (state and private sector) made before the earthquake.
– Learn more about connection between private sector and statebuilding in fragile states
– See tremendous opportunity for Haiti to make real progress as crisis leads to transformation

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