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The Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, the Alliance Program and the European Institute proudly present Zaki Laidi, Professor of International Relations at Sciences Po in the Center for European Studies to discuss his research on the role of Europe during the tumultuous events in the Arab Spring.

France and the UK took the lead in Libya closing the historical rift between both countries opened by the Suez crisis in 1956. But their bilateral commitment did not led to a broader EU involvement. The Arab spring revealed once again the difficulties for the EU to move as a single actor on the global stage. What lessons can we draw from this ambivalent situation?

Mr. Laidi is the author of many publications including his recent book The Norms of Force: The Enigma of European Power and a text on Obama’s Foreign Policy to released in October 2012.  He has also written extensively on the evolution of Europe’s role in the globalized international system.

He is also the founder of Telos an online association devoted to raising public debate in France on International Affairs, and has been a Visiting Professor at the European Center of the Johns Hopkins Bologna (1992-1995), University of Montreal (2004), Geneva (2003 & 2004), Collège de Bruges (2004-2008) and Luiss-Rome (2010-2011).