This lecture will identify key regional players including Iran, Turkey, the Arab pro-Western states and Israel, assess their relative power, their freedom of action and foreign policy preferences. It will include a discussion of the Arab-Israeli peace process, and  analyze the nature of the interventions available to extra-regional powers.

Dr. Inbar was educated at the Hebrew University (B.A. in Political Science and English Literature) and at the University of Chicago (M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science).  His area of specialization is Middle Eastern strategic issues with a special interest in the politics and strategy of Israeli national security. He has written over 60 articles in professional journals and is the author of five books: Outcast Countries in the World Community (1985), War and Peace in Israeli Politics (1991), Labor Party Positions on National Security (1991), Rabin and Israel´s National Security (1999), The Israeli-Turkish Entente (2001), and Israel’s National Security: Issues and Challenges since the Yom Kippur War (2008).

This event is co-sponsored with the Comparative Defense Studies Program.