The Arnold A. Saltzman Institute is proud to co-sponsor a Harriman Institute event:

“Local Powerbrokers”

Part of the Harriman Institute’s “Corruption and Patronage” series, a project aimed at examining these two issues within Eurasian societies, in particular their utility in poorly institutionalized legal systems.

11:00-1:00  Security Forces and Militias

Will Reno, Northwestern University
“The Impact of Statelessness on Militia Organization and Behavior: Evidence from Somalia”

Jesse Driscoll, University of California, San Diego
“City Politics Without Proper Nouns? Research Challenges in Contemporary Somalia”

Austin Long, Columbia University
“The Afghan Police Force”

Kimberly Marten, Barnard College and Columbia University
“The Palestinian Security Forces”


2:30-4:00  States and Powerbrokers

Sarah Daly, Stanford University
“The Logic and Consequences of State Strategies Towards Non-State Actors”

Paul Kenney, Trinity College Dublin
“The Origins of Patronage Democracy: State Building amid Centrifugal Pressures”

Dipali Mukhopadhyay, Columbia University
“Strongman Governance in the Afghan Provinces”

Jesse Dillon Savage, Columbia University
“Patrons and Proxies: Local Powerbrokers and International Actors”


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