This workshop was geared toward undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in national security and intelligence careers to develop the tools and skills necessary to compete effectively in today’s job market and jumpstart their careers. The course spanned two full weekend days and included facilitated discussion, interactive exercises, and small group activities. Participants completed homework before each session, including questionnaires to help them flesh out their goals, and reinforce the key concepts covered during the sessions.

By the end of this workshop, participants are now able to:
  • Develop an effective job search strategy and a detailed, realistic action plan
  • Assess their strengths and identify what is standing in the way of their goals
  • Revamp their resumé and learn how to write effective cover letters
  • Deliver a polished elevator pitch
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts for the different types of interviews
  • Showcase their experience and expertise for potential employers
  • Understand how to evaluate and negotiate employment offers
  • Use their personal and professional networks to identify career opportunities
  • Take advantage of their current situation to advance their professional objectives
Program was led by Saltzman Institute member Peter Clement and Foreign Policy Research Institute President Carol “Rollie” Flynn.