Saltzman Institute Affiliate Dan Prieto has a new article in the SAIS Review of International Affairs.. Dan began work on the project while still an adjunct research scholar at SIWPS. Titled, “Virtually Defenseless: Why the America Struggles to Defend Itself in Cyberspace and What Can be Done About It” it is the lead article in an entire issue dedicated to cybersecurity, which also contains articles from the US Department of Defense/ US Cyber Command, the US Cyber Solarium Commission, Microsoft, Fireye, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 

Dan’s article examines and challenges core underlying assumptions that have animated US cybersecurity policy for two decades, and provides a comprehensive analysis of twenty years of US policy evolution in parallel to an assessment of evolving adversary capabilities. 

To make it accessible to all, the article is being hosted on the Columbia University academic commons repository, and you can access it here: